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EAI is the world’s largest open ICT society, dedicated to empowering researchers worldwide to advance in their careers, gain recognition, and become part of a vibrant community. With a commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, EAI offers free membership, a platform of cutting-edge collaboration tools, publishing services, and global conferences, all designed to support, mentor, and guide researchers on their journey to success.


Research Organization


Europe, Worldwide


1 Month


Dynamic Website and Blog Installation


1UI Designer & WordPress Developer

Core Technologies:

JavaScript, PHP, WordPress

EAI sought a website that reflects its mission to support and empower researchers globally. In a rapidly evolving landscape, EAI aimed to engage and inspire a diverse audience of researchers by offering modern solutions and innovative tools to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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Ajith Kumar A R

CEO @ KAREVA Techsol

The Story

We partnered with EAI to create a dynamic and modern website that aligns with its brand identity and effectively communicates its value proposition to both new and returning members.

To enhance user engagement and drive conversions, we implemented sophisticated personalization features using cutting-edge technology. This ensures that the website content is tailored to each user’s preferences and behavior, optimizing the user experience and maximizing conversion rates


To appeal to EAI’s diverse audience and reinforce the brand’s commitment to innovation, we focused on creating a seamless mobile experience that caters to the needs of researchers worldwide. By prioritizing visual appeal, ease of navigation, and a sleek brand identity, we aimed to create a website that resonates with both existing and new members.


Our team conducted extensive stakeholder interviews, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and priorities of the organization. By immersing ourselves in the world of EAI, we were able to address key pain points and anticipate potential challenges during the design and development process.


Through iterative design and rigorous research, we delivered a comprehensive solution that sets EAI apart in the ICT society. Our goal was to give the website a significant upgrade while effectively conveying the organization’s new branding direction.

Client Success

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from the Client

“Thank you to the entire team for your hard work and dedication to making this project a success. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to continuing our partnership with you.”

website designing company in kottayam, bangalore, kochi, eranakulam

Mr. Sojy

Website Administration, EAI

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